Industry Voice: Keeping Bulls Fertile During Summer’s Heat

When we think about reproduction in the herd, our first thoughts immediately shift to the cows. Are they at the proper body condition to breed? When do we need to synchronize and breed them to [...]

How to Keep Your Cows Bred through the Heat of Summer

How to Keep Your Cows Bred through the Heat of Summer Cattle producers go to great lengths to do whatever it takes to get their cows bred. But what about after they are bred? Keeping a cow bred, [...]

Plan Now for Nutritional Needs During Drought

It might seem odd to think about drought as producers in the Midwest are wading through the mud just to do chores, and in the Upper Plains, “spring” calving means getting calves in from 8-10 [...]

What is the Cost of Keeping an Open Cow?

Financial survival as a cow-calf producer is like a game of Risk. Producers have a lot of factors to consider each year, and without a doubt, one of those decisions will be what the cost is to [...]

Tips to Get your Cows Bred Back

Today’s cow-calf producers place extremely high production demands on their cows for them to remain in the herd. Producers expect their cows to calve without difficulty, provide enough colostrum [...]


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How to Prevent Grass Tetany

Although that lush green grass seems appealing, there are hidden concerns that producers need to remember when turning out their cows. The snow might be flying throughout much of the country, but [...]

How a good nutrition program can make you money

BioZyme’s Reproductive Success Report measures the effect of Amaferm in reproductive success for both the purebred and commercial segments of the beef industry. Kevin Glaubius, Director of [...]