While Calving Management Perspectives Vary, Cow Reproductive Readiness Should Not

In the cow-calf business, high variability in inputs combined with differences in production goals and the availability of resources make it challenging for producers to determine management [...]

Tips to Prepare for a Successful Calving Season

You’ve waited approximately nine months to see the results of your breeding decisions and cattle nutrition, and calving day is right around the corner. Kevin Glaubius, Director of Nutrition and [...]

Don’t Skimp on Winter Supplementation

Even though the first few weeks of fall have just “officially” passed, it is never too early to begin thinking about winter. It seems like producers and meteorologists alike have been discussing [...]

Tips for Forage Testing to Ensure Proper Supplementation

Some livestock producers will tell you they are forage producers and they simply raise cattle to have animals to consume the forage they produce. But it doesn’t matter if you raise hay for your [...]

How to Shorten Calving Intervals

Optimum productivity should be the goal of each cow-calf producer and that productivity begins with cows producing at least one calf every 365 days. With proper management, including a good [...]

5 Tips for Managing Underconditioned Cows

It is that time of year where cattle producers are starting to wean spring calves and are starting to look towards what lies ahead. It is also a perfect time to start evaluating if your cows are [...]

Industry Voice: Keeping Bulls Fertile During Summer’s Heat

When we think about reproduction in the herd, our first thoughts immediately shift to the cows. Are they at the proper body condition to breed? When do we need to synchronize and breed them to [...]

How to Keep Your Cows Bred through the Heat of Summer

How to Keep Your Cows Bred through the Heat of Summer Cattle producers go to great lengths to do whatever it takes to get their cows bred. But what about after they are bred? Keeping a cow bred, [...]

Plan Now for Nutritional Needs During Drought

It might seem odd to think about drought as producers in the Midwest are wading through the mud just to do chores, and in the Upper Plains, “spring” calving means getting calves in from 8-10 [...]

What is the Cost of Keeping an Open Cow?

Financial survival as a cow-calf producer is like a game of Risk. Producers have a lot of factors to consider each year, and without a doubt, one of those decisions will be what the cost is to [...]

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